Vegan Shoes – An environmentally friendly option

All of you must have heard about a vegan diet. Have you heard something like vegan shoes? Of course, we are not asking you to eat shoes. Jokes apart, vegan shoes do not have any materials that come from animals. It is made or purely sustainable materials produced under fair working conditions. There is absolutely no cruelty involved in the procuring of materials for these shoes. In simple words, they do not contain any kind of leather or any animal product.

How do you make these shoes? Let us look into some of the aspects that go into the production of vegan shoes.

The upper portions of these shoes are made from a selection of faux leathers and polyurethane specially sourced from countries like Italy. These shoes are breathable and have anti-bacterial qualities. They do not make your feet smell as they ensure proper circulation of air throughout. The lining comprises of fully breathable pleather lining, again made from faux Italian leather. This is a durable item that can support your feet through the day as well as the night.

The best aspect of this microfiber faux suede is that it is great for English summers and winters. Normally, it rains all the time in the UK. These vegan shoes are perfect for such inclement weather as well.

The soles of these shoes are made from recycled rubber resin whereas the insoles comprise of recycled cardboard. The most heartening fact of these vegan shoes is that the manufacturers do not use any animal matter in the glue either. Thus, you can see that these shoes are made of purely recyclable material thereby proving beneficial to the environment.

Where do you get these vegan shoes? One of the best places to buy them online is You get a fantastic range of vegan shoes, creepers trainers, Mary Jane shoes, brothel creepers, and others. These shoes are available in various sizes and colours. Note that the vegan shoes do not have any animal based colours. Every aspect of the shoe including the seams, stitches, and the laces are produced from sustainable plant material.

The vegan shoes are despatched in recyclable cardboard boxes and wrapped in pink tissue paper. The company ensures that no animal matter ever comes in contact with these shoes as long as it reaches the ultimate customer. So, if you want to have them on a plate and eat it, you should be able to do so theoretically.

We are not suggesting you to try doing it. But, one should make the shift from wearing leather shoes to vegan shoes. You will be doing a world of good to the poor animals and save them from the cruelty they have to endure. As these vegan shoes use plant materials for their production, they are the most eco-friendly shoes you will ever find. Recycling the materials is also possible thereby making the process of buying vegan shoes an economical one.

Visit for your creepers shoes. At the same time, try out the vegan shoes as well. We bet you will love them.

Lee Catherine is the author of this article on creeper trainers. Find more information about vegan shoes.