Fresh Chum Salmon Caviar in (2020)


In a large glass or stainless steel container, mix salt into water, stirring thoroughly until dissolved. With a wire-mesh deep frying basket or other 1/4-inch metal screen, gently separate eggs from egg sack over bowl, by rubbing sack along screen. Take care not to scrape membrane from the egg sack, even if it means leaving some eggs behind. Pour brine mixture over eggs and allow to soak 12 minutes, stirring occasionally. (Soaking times for other salmon species: Sockeye or Red: 6 minutes; Pink or Humpy: 8 minutes; Coho or Silver: 10 minutes; King or Chinook: 14 minutes). While eggs soak, use tweezers to remove bits of membrane and broken eggshells. When soaking is complete, pour eggs into the colander to drain. Rinse eggs quickly with cold water and drain for a few minutes. Cover colander with plastic wrap, place over bowl, allowing it to continue draining in the refrigerator.


After 8 to 12 hours, transfer the now-sticky eggs into a glass bowl. Gently fold in just enough olive oil to make the individual eggs shiny and slick.


Serving Suggestions: Salmon or red? caviar prepared this way is much less salty than the commercial variety, allowing the sweet flavor of the fresh roe to emerge. Because of the lower salt levels however, it should be refrigerated and consumed within 3 to 4 days. Its mild flavor lends itself to serving with cream cheese and crackers. A traditional favorite is chum caviar atop celery sticks stuffed with cream cheese. Salmon caviar is delightful when added to salads with creamy herb or ranch-style dressing. This mild version of salmon caviar will be a welcome alternative to the more strongly flavored ?ikura? salmon eggs used in Japanese sushi or sashimi.


No doubt, the chum salmon caviar soft shell for sale on our site is delicious on sushi. However, it is also great for a wider variety of dishes. Whether looking for a special treat for yourself or preparing for a big event, our caviar is an excellent and affordable choice. Since this comes in a 2.2 lb package, you should have plenty for any application.

As appetizers on different crackers and breads, with cream cheese and light spreads

Paired with garnishes and blini, dipping sauces, and small serving spoons

As part of side dishes

Use as a garnish by itself

Snacks – why not taste some directly from the spoon?

No matter how you choose to serve your role, we suggest you keep it frozen until just before your event. Let it thaw slowly in the refrigerator, then bring it to room temperature. Once it has reached the right temperature, you can use it in your recipes, create your appetizers, or use however else you like. Please note: This product can be stored up to 3 months in a freezer and 30 days in the fridge.


While the price of our roe can’t be beat, the benefits of buying from Global Seafoods go beyond your bank account. Buy chum salmon caviar soft shells from us today and reap these health benefits.

Low calories – About 40 per serving

High protein – 4g

Vitamin B12 – 53% of your recommended daily value

Selenium – 15% of your recommended daily value

Omega-3 fatty acids