How to Decorate Indoor Spaces with Beautiful Live Plants

Plants have long been an essential part of life on earth. Live plants can serve as food to many of the world’s animal kingdom species, and humans also rely on the clean oxygen that all plants release into the atmosphere. People also eat the fruit and vegetation that trees and crop plants produce, and plants are responsible for the beautiful landscapes that they help create. More individuals are learning to bring a bit of the outdoors into their indoor living environments. It is common now to see fabulous lush green foliage and vibrantly hued flowers in offices and other workplaces all around the world. 

Bringing live plants inside your workplace does more than just add beauty to the surroundings. Living plants and flowers have been shown to improve people’s moods and even lower anxiety levels. While bigger companies often have the room to add intricate indoor garden areas, those with a smaller work space can still use this terrific office stress busting technique. Consider placing a flowerpot on your desk or hang a fern in a sunny window. Those with even more cramped workstations can create gorgeous hanging terrariums that take little room and require little effort if filled with air plants or succulents. Look for glass jars, globes, fishbowls and other containers that are easy to find in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. 

Apartment dwellers, and those that live in other small home environments can still take advantage of the many benefits of plants by starting an herb garden in a kitchen window. When using plants indoors, be sure to follow the specific care instructions for best results. If your living room window gets a lot of sun, that might be the place to plant sun loving blooms or plants. Some ferns, cacti and other plants need little water or even care to thrive. 

Many brides-to-be desire floral arrangements for their wedding venue decor. It is possible to use live plants if selected carefully. Some brides have filled unique glass vases, jars and bowls to create a lavish centerpiece that can look stunning next to glowing candles. A florist can assist in picking out the right floral arrangements that will suit the environment where the wedding party will be. These types of indoor plants and flower arrangements also work well for other celebratory events such as important wedding anniversary parties, holidays, baby showers and someone’s special birthday celebration. 

Enjoyment of the many wonders found in nature doesn’t have to be only experienced on the rare occasions that busy individuals have the time to venture outdoors. Try bringing in freshly cut roses from a garden, line a window with easy maintenance plants or install a window box where it’s floral contents can be viewed indoors. Those that have an outdoor patio, porch or balcony can make a mini garden spot with a comfortable chair to relax in while inhaling the intoxicating scents of jasmine, roses or other favorite bloom. Living plants give us joy, beauty and better health.