What to keep in your passport wallet?

If you are a frequent traveller, you will definitely have a passport wallet with you. What? You don’t have a passport wallet? Well, go, get one immediately or order online from a reputed supplier. A passport wallet is indispensable for air travel.

Will a passport cover not do?Why do I need a passport wallet?- you may ask. The answer is-You can keep many items in a passport wallet but not in a passport cover. A passport cover is just an outer covering for your passport. but a passport wallet is a mini-wallet that can hold many things other than your passport.

What  are the things you can keep in a passport wallet? Take a look.

What you can keep in your passport wallet?

A passport wallet is a mini wallet cum passport holder that can house a lot of things other than your passport. Here is what a passport wallet can hold.

  1. Your passport

The main purpose of the passport wallet is to hold your passport and keep it safe from  damage. The passport wallet has a separate provision for holding the passport safely and securely.

Your passport is kept neatly inside in a covered fashion and hidden from public view. The passport wallet is made of tough durable material that keeps your passport safe from any climatic or physical damage.

  1. Your boarding passes

The next thing you need to keep safe are your Boarding Passes. You can keep your passport wallet safely in the passport wallet. It has an internal or external compartment or flap to keep the boarding pass safely.

  1. Tickets

Flight tickets are expensive to book and you cannot afford to lose yours. Keep them safe in your passport wallet. A separate compartment is provided to hold the tickets.

  1. Your National ID

Apart from your passport, every citizen of a country as a National l ID card. IT may be the Aadhaar Card in India, the Social Security Card in the US , etc. Carrying this National ID is mandatory at all costs to establish that you are the lawful citizen of your country.  Carry this National ID card in your passport wallet wherever you go. The passport wallet has a unique window pouch to keep this National ID card.

  1.      Driving license

Whenever you travel, carry your international driving license with you. It will come handy if you need to drive a vehicle all by yourself where you travel. Keep this driving license safe in a compartment of your passport wallet.

  1. Credit or Debit Cards

Wherever you go, you need money. Today credit and debit cards are a must for international travel. Carry your credit or debit cards safely in your passport wallet.

There are many compartments or slots in your passport wallet which allow you to carry at least 5-6 cards. Always choose a passport wallet which enables you to carry many cards at once.

  1. Insurance card

IF you are on travel, it is best to have travel or medical insurance. Insurance companies always ask for your Insurance card when you ask for settlement of dues. Carry this Insurance card always on your person in your passport wallet.

  1. Money

Paper money or currency is an absolute must during international travel. At small kiosks or shops, card machines may not be available and only cash is entertained. This is why it is always advisable to carry money in a passport wallet. The passport wallet allows you to carry money safely and securely in its zipped pouch.

The passport wallet is a mini hold-all that helps you carry many things needed for your travel. Get one  today.