Bobbleheads – How Long Does It Take To Make A Bobblehead?

For most bobblehead makers, creating a custom bobblehead is not a simple thing to do. Some artists require a lot of time to ensure that the end product looks as detailed as possible as the photo that becomes the base of the figure. However, the good and experienced artists can make it much quicker depending on your needs.

If you think that you need to wait for weeks and months just to get your personalized bobbleheads ready, you might be wrong. It is because if you order your product from the right supplier, you will be able to get it done in as quickly as one week. However, that is, if you are willing to pay more for the service.

Choose The Supplier Properly

Make sure that the bobblehead maker that you choose has lots of artists in line to work on the orders that are coming. This is to ensure that your order will be handled as quickly as possible, especially when there are lots of demands. Choosing a reputable supplier will ensure that your order is processed as soon as possible.

Choosing the right supplier for your custom bobbleheads is important because it can affect the work time required to get your order done. Regularly, you can get your order done within 2 weeks along with shipping, but if you order from a good supplier, you can likely place a rush order that allows you to get your order done in just a few days.

Remember To Pick The High Quality Supplier

Again, having the bobbleheads done fast is not a guarantee that you get a good quality product. So, be sure to pick the supplier carefully. To be safe, you need to always choose the high quality supplier that is already experienced enough in the business. They will have artists that can make your bobblehead figures as quickly as possible because they have done it hundreds of time before (

Also, those artists need to prove that their work are good enough even though it is done in a rush order. In some cases, orders that are done very quickly will give you the custom bobbleheads that are not too polished because it is rushed to production. What you need to do is ensure that the quality stays the same even though it is done quickly.

The Complexity Affects The Required Work Time

When ordering a personalized bobblehead, you need to ensure that the complexity of the figure that you request will affect how long it will be done for you. This doesn’t include the shipping time, which will add more time to get the product delivered to your door. So, make sure that you understand the process involved in making a high quality custom bobblehead figure.

It is also worth mentioning that when you order the figures in bulk, it will generally require a lot more time to complete. So, if you have an event which you will need to use bobbleheads in it, be sure to order the bobblehead figures a few months before the event to avoid late delivery.


In general, you can get your bobblehead figures done in just a few weeks after your order. However, you can rush the order to get it done much quicker. But, to do this, you have to pay more for the additional services. Also, the complexity of the order and the number of bobbleheads that need to be created will affect how long the order will be completed for you.