Best Ways To Understand How Technology Will Affect Cookware Such As Instapot

If you are old enough, you can easily remember The Jetsons or other sci-fi TV shows that have shown us the way technology will affect the way we eat. You have probably imagined that frustrating clean-up problems will become past with space pouch food or tidy meal pills. Or if ray-guns would replace ovens and can cook a turkey in seconds.

When we fast forward to this particular point, we can see how technology has made an impact on what and how we eat. This is not because we changed the way we cook, but we changed the way we function in everyday lives.

Of course, everything depends on how old are you and how much you use technology for daily assignments. Sometimes, it is easier to use instapot to make something, while in other examples, you may enjoy more dining outside your home.

You have probably noticed the most common side effects of technology that surrounds us:

  • We have increased a bar when it comes to stimulation, which leads us to get bored more comfortable than before.
  • Foreign is not foreign anymore, because the internet has made the world appear much smaller than it was.
  • We enjoy trying new things, as you can see we’re changing everything from PC to cellphone. The idea is that the original is always better.
  • We are way better when it comes to multitasking than before. Our only way nowadays is to multitask, because if we do not do it, we will be distracted easier than before.
  • We are more resourceful and self-reliant when it comes to finding relevant information.

Eating and preparing food is one of the essential activities of humanity. It is natural to see that changes in our psychology will reflect on what we choose to shop and cook and what we enjoy eating.

We will present you examples of how technology will shape our food preferences and provide us with innovative ways to enjoy the food industry:

Health, Health, And Just Health

Everyone around us is thinking about healthy foods and everything that goes with it. For example, McCormick (click here to find out more about them), which is leading spice company in the USA created an advertising campaign that presented the antioxidant capabilities of oregano, to brain-saving turmeric.

Therefore, you have to add a pinch of good health with other flavors to make it more exciting and to increase sales. The success of products such as probiotic jalapeno dip or vitamin water is a testament that we’ve found a way to create innovation.

The top food trends in 2012 were turmeric, which is vivid yellow spice most common in Persian, Thai and Indian dishes.

It got prominent and extensive public appeal especially for people who enjoy in world cuisine and global flavors. Twenty years ago egg rolls, tacos, and ravioli were ethnic dinings, but today, we live in a hyper-connected world where there are no foreign things anymore.

Increased Stimulation

We also crave more stimulation and intensity from our food. We tend to combine things that we wouldn’t in the past, for example, bacon and chili chocolate, mango mint gum, black pepper ice cream.

The idea is that we have increased bar for sensation and stimulation, which means that we tend to try new things over and over again. However, due to a fast pace of this particular world in combination with mental overload, we continuously have to make complicated decisions, which is a double-edged sword of this era.

Purchasing Decision Changed Too

We enjoy giving ourselves mental breaks especially if we decide to make a purchase. The idea is that we tend to speed up the process of buying by relying more on symbolic and visual communication and less on verbal information and explanation.

If we get associated and connected with some brand, it doesn’t matter what others are saying about it, because we will stay with them due to emotional connection. Our perception of products enters our minds through flashes of information from a wide array of sources.

For example, the significant success of Popchips (check their website: has a lot to do with the way the company promoted it in the first place. They used an advertisement which is entirely in line with our way we process information.

They have acquired positive perception through multiple channels: they made association and distribution in outlets such as Virgin Airlines, Jamba Juice, and Whole Foods. Fans such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Ashton Kutcher created a strong presence and social media campaign.

We are not saying that Popchips is a lousy product, but better outcomes failed because they didn’t have money for advertisements.